These teams play at the highest level. All players are striving to play in a collegiate setting and are aggressively seeking scholarship opportunities. These teams comprise of some of the best players in the State and are constantly competing and training. Several of these players at younger levels have already committed to college. Selection for these teams is extremely competitive, the athlete must possess a combination of size, strength, power, experience, and an uncanny ability to read and match the pace of the game.

Radiant Suns does not fill these teams with players in an effort to fill a roster. If fewer than 10 athletes are selected for this particular type of team, then the roster will remain at that number. Orange-Level athletes train three-days-per week and are generally very committed to volleyball. Should these teams win a bid at a National tournament, these players represent the Garden Empire Volleyball Association annually at USA Volleyball’s National Championship.

18-Orange | 17-Orange | 16-Orange | 15-Orange | 14-Orange


These teams are very competitive and comprise of players who have had a significant amount of experience with the sport. While players at this level may be pulled up to an orange team at the end of a season for training purposes, these players will not represent the Garden Empire region in USA Volleyball’s National Tournament. However, they will represent Radiant Suns Volleyball in various regional tournaments in both the Keystone (PA) Region, and the Garden Empire (NY/NJ) Region. Training for black teams consists of two-days-per week.

17-Black | 16-Black | 15-Black | 14-Black | 13-Black


All players on Black teams have the potential to play on Orange teams the next year should they not make an Orange team the current year. All players regardless of what teams they play on are encouraged to go on to four-year colleges and continue to play at a high level. All teams receive the same type of training based off our annual training plan.We also offer complimentary skills clinics, speed & agility, and jump programs to our athletes. Intense, practical, and performance-based practices emphasizing maximal touches to enhance skills and court awareness are used to establish a style of play that guarantees high-level development.

We do offer fundamental programs to help develop younger and more inexperienced players. For more information please see our programs.