RJ Gallagher

Assistant Coach 15 Orange

Coach Gallagher is no stranger to the game of volleyball.  His experience can be dated back to the 1980's when he played professional beach volleyball.  During his time on the pro-tour, Coach Gallagher even competed against Mike Dodd and Tim Hovland.  (Mike Dodd went on to win a silver medal in the 1996 Olympics).  In 1982 he tied for 9th place in the professional beach ranks, which landed him prize money.  He did place 9th on a second occasion as well, which is impressed many on the pro-tour.  Following his big finish in 1982, Coach Gallagher was named the Head Coach of the St. Mary's College Seahawks née Saint's Women' Volleyball team in 1983 and 1984.  On numerous occasions, he was a player and coach of men's USVBA and recreation league teams.  Today Coach Gallagher enjoys staying active while substitue teaching in the Physical Education Field.  He is extreemly excited to get back to the game he loves to play and coach.

Coach Gallagher and his partner playing against All-Time beach volleyball great Mike Dodd in the 1980's.

Coaching Philosophy: I will challenge each player to seek the best within themselves and to make each aware that if they undertake to make a contribution to the team then so they shall.  

Favorite Quote: At present the following attributed to George Bernard Shaw - "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

Best Volleyball Moment: My beach volleyball partner and I played two of the greatest beach volleyball players of all time – (Mike Dodd and Tim Hovland) Dodd went on to become a Silver Medalist in Atlanta.  We got handled in the match but it was great to up against the best. (My partner and I did finish in a tie for 9th place in the Pro tournament and hence in the money; I framed the check for 1982 Clearwater Beach Open).

Favorite Sports Movie: Friday Night Lights

Favorite Subject in School: History

Last Book I ReadCrucible of War, by Fred Anderson

Favorite Quality in an Athlete: Determination