Connor Swigart
Head Coach 14 Orange
Assistant Coach 16 Orange
Coach Connor Swigart has been playing volleyball since the 7th grade, and lettered all four years in high school. During his playing career he contributed as a pin hitter and setter. He was named captain of the team in his junior and senior year, and helped lead his team to a district berth before losing in the District semi-finals. In his senior year he was named to the Express times All-Area team.
Coach Swigart has been interested in coaching since he was a young player. He began coaching three years ago at the Lehigh Valley Premiere volleyball camp alongside many of the best coaches in the Lehigh valley area in Pennsylvania. In the spring of 2013, Coach Swigart was mentored and assisted by RSV's very own Coach Hung while he volunteered with the Nazareth Boys Varsity team. He offered so much to the boys program, Coach Swigart was put into the position of coaching the Nazarth Varsity Boys in a summer league for two months.  Due to the quality of his coaching over the spring and summer of 2013, Coach Swigart was offered a position of assistant coach under Coach Rodrigues for the Nazareth Girls Program during the fall of 2013.  In addition to his invaluable coaching, Coach Swigart continues to educate and develop.  He became gold medal squared certified after finishing the rigorous course in July of 2013; a coaching program that all RSV coaches are sent to. 
Coach Connor is currently attending East Stroudsburg University in pursuit of a business management degree. He looks forward to being able to mold young volleyball players and watch them improve as athletes.
Coach Swigart grew up and still resides in Nazareth, Pennsylvania today.

Coaching PhilosophyHaving passion for what your doing is key to having success, and that is the same for volleyball. It takes strong self-motivation to be able to push yourself to that next level that is unattainable for those without the a strong inner drive. While success is the goal, often times failure is needed to help improve you as a player and a person. The worst thing that can happen is not to lose, but to lose and not learn anything from it.

Favorite Quote: "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard."

Best Volleyball Moment: Qualifying for districs senior year and coming within 1 game of making states.

Favorite Sports Movie: Friday Night Lights

Favorite Subject in School: History

Last Book I Read: Good to Great, by Jim Collins. Currently reading: Catch Them Being Good by Tony DiCocco

Favorite Quality in an Athlete: Strong Work Ethic