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In short the Radiant Suns Coaching staff takes pride in being amongst the strongest club volleyball staff in the region. Our coaches come from all walks: college through middle school and each one of us is trained the same way through the same principles and values.  We are students of the sport and continue to develop ourselves through clinics run by USA Volleyball and Gold Medal Squared. We realize that in order to be competitive, training our athletes with proper biomechanical movements, as well as teaching our athletes to be more competitive are just the foundations to a well-rounded volleyball player. We would expect from our athletes the same thing we expect from ourselves as coaches: to better ourselves year after year.

Importance of Fundamentals

We pride ourselves on fundamentals as we've learned that "You cannot do tactically, what you cannot do technically" ~ Carl McGown. Teaching our players proper footwork and basic body movements is the key to any sport, but even more so in volleyball where our athletes could be two-three feet above the net at one movement and on the floor the next. 

Our Coaches Are Teachers

"When I was coaching I always considered myself a teacher. Teachers tend to follow the laws of learning better than coaches who don't have any teaching background. A coach is a teacher. I used to encourage those who wanted to coach to get a degree in teaching so they could apply the principles to athletics." ~ John Wooden, Legendary UCLA Men's Basketball Coach. (American Coach, 1988, p.4) 

Breaking down skills into proper progressions and allowing learning to take place is what we ground ourselves on. These principles are what we use to gauge our teaching methods to better enable our athletes to improve. 


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