Heather LaFrance #6

We are two months into the club season, so it is time to show off an athlete that has drawn attention to herself for all the right reasons.  Heather LaFrance, Middle Blocker, from 17-Orange is the RSV featured athlete.  What makes Heather shine at RSV?  LaFrance, a junior from Del Val High School has never played club volleyball before, but came to RSV for intense training, a thirst for instruction, and drive and inner motivation to become a stronger athlete in volleyball.  She has done just that!  Heather is starting for an open level 17s team filled with athletes who have been playing club for 3-5 years and start varsity in state ranked programs.  She has taken her time to come to extra practices, follow the RSV weight training program, gain inches on her vertical jump, and ask questions to enhance her game IQ.  Heather is stepping it up in the work ethic department and is improving at an astronomical rate.  So, when wondering how she and her team are doing, the answer is, "AWESOME!"  The 17 Orange just took home medals for winning the Silver Bracket at Winterfest, and Heather was a huge part of it!